Do You Have One Foot Out the Door in Your Relationship?

I have a super real question for you:

Are you always thinking of a way to escape your relationship?

Do you always have an escape route in the back of your mind? An exit plan? A way to leave? One foot out the door?

Even though your partner is so loving and caring, you can't stop this broken record of thoughts of bolting.

If that's you, here's why you might be doing that:

Because it is so so scary to think about fully committing. And you do that, you have this escape route with one foot out the door, because you subconsciously believe it's not safe to fully commit, to fully invest in the relationship. It’s terrifying.

Why is it so terrifying? Because it's vulnerable as hell to be “all in” in your relationship especially when you’ve been hurt in the past or when you’ve witnessed pain in your parent’s relationship or other relationships around you.

You begin to believe that love and commitment are scary. So, its somehow safer to have that escape route ready to go, to have that one foot out the door, to not be all the way in your relationship.

If you want to be able to commit to your amazing partner without constantly planning your exit strategy, here's what you need to do.

First, you have to face that fear.

Face that fear of being all the way in the relationship and understand what is driving that fear.

Ask yourself, why are love and commitment so scary? Why do I believe I always need to have one foot out the door?

In order to face that fear, become curious about it, and understand it.

Secondly, you must learn how to feel safe to be “all in” in your relationship, how to feel safe to commit instead of feeling like it is the most terrifying thing you could possibly do.

If you learned that love and commitment lead to pain, you have to teach your body and mind that it can be safe. You must rewire these subconscious reactions to connection and vulnerability that cause you to pull away from your loving partner.

I know that this isn't easy, and it doesn't happen overnight. You're unlearning years of rehearsed fear-patterns around relationships.

It is absolutely possible to create new patterns of security, connection, and love!

And if you want to finally feel safe to be “all in” in your relationship - to be safe and at home in your love - then book a free 30-minute Relationship Anxiety Assessment!

Instead of always having this exit plan and one foot out the door, constantly imagining what it is going to be like if I leave and what is it going to be like if I stay - instead of having all this split energy - imagine being able to talk about the future with excitement and joy. Imagine being able to invest your time, money, and energy into your relationship instead of being afraid to make any sort of commitment.

If you want to be able to have that, then schedule that assessment with us so we can uncover what unique steps it will take for you to feel safe and at home in love.

Book your free assessment here:

I can't wait to see you embrace love wholeheartedly!

Love Over Fear, Always.

Chelsea Joy

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