Why Your Partner Doesn't Seem Attractive Enough

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Let's get real here and leave shame at the door.

Does your mind constantly focus on the attractiveness of your partner? Do you often wonder if they are attractive enough? Funny enough? Intelligent enough? Or [insert whatever] enough?

If you've experienced this, you are not a bad partner. *Cue sigh of relief*

If your partner not being hot enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, or whatever enough is something you get anxious about, that is pointing to something deeper (that has nothing to do with your partner).

Are you ready to learn what that is really pointing to?

Your focus on our partner not being enough, is really a reflection of your feelings of not being enough.

Because you believe your choice in partner is somehow a reflection of your worthiness.

If I have the most attractive partner, most intelligent partner, or the funniest partner that means, I have made this good choice.

If my friends and family think my partner is the best, they will approve of me.

I have picked the perfect partner and that means I am also enough.

But if my partner is not those things, then that is a poor reflection on me.

What's really underneath your criticisms of your partner is that you are critical of yourself, your appearance, your intelligence, your humor. Then you project that self-criticism onto your loving partner.

In order to be able to embrace your partner as they are, you must learn how to feel inherently worthy.

Tuning into that inherent worthiness is knowing that no matter what, that you are enough.

You can let yourself be fully human - in all of your messiness, ugliness, and imperfections.

Knowing no matter how attractive your partner is, how funny your partner is, or how intelligent your partner is, you are still enough.

Then, you can see your partner through this lens of being enough. Instead of being critical toward yourself and your partner, you finally see yourself through this lens of compassion and have compassion toward the things that make you and your partner human.

Because no human is perfect. There is no perfect partner. If you are always looking for perfection, your relationship will never feel like enough, love.

If you are ready to stand in your worthiness so that you can love your partner fully and see them as enough, then request a free 30-min Relationship Anxiety Assessment, so we can map out your individual steps to embrace yourself and break free of self-criticism.

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