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Are you filled with constant doubt, anxiety, and fear about your relationship? 

You’re in the healthiest relationship of your life with a partner who cares deeply about you.

But your mind won’t stop creating stories about why you don’t love them, why things aren’t going to work out, and why there’s *maybe* someone better out there.


You notice your mind scanning your partner for flaws and all the ways they're NOT right for you.

You find yourself caught in a loop of thoughts that last for hours, days, even weeks sometimes.

Your body is filled with anxiety, tension, and dread and you find it hard to be present with your partner, who tries to reach out to you with love. 

This is Relationship Anxiety.

The cycle of intrusive thoughts, doubt, and fear about your relationship

Relationship anxiety makes it extremely difficult to connect deeply with your partner because you've always got one foot out the door - ready to leave.

It makes love and commitment feel terrifying.

It can feel all-consuming.

And we're here to help you break free from the tight grip of relationship anxiety so that you can wholeheartedly love your amazing partner. 

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You've done traditional, cognitive healing approaches, you've read all the things, you've taken the courses, but your body still feels fearful and anxious in your relationship.

Anxiety has stolen too many moments from you.

You're ready for lasting change so that you can finally enjoy your relationship and live in freedom

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